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ADOPTED (awesome!) Victoria (Tori) the Lab Puppy

Tori the Black Lab MixVictoria “Tori” is a gorgeous lab mix puppy that has a curled tail and a shiny jet black coat. Tori came to us along with her mom and sisters a few months ago. Her mom and sisters have all been adopted and now it’s Tori’s turn!

Tori LOVES to play outside, with the other dogs, and with any toys available. She has a funny habit of gathering all of her toys in a pile. She’s a sweet and affectionate pup by nature, is great with kids and with every animal she meets. Tori is on the laid back side for a dog so young and is eager to please. She’s been cat tested and passed with flying colors, she just wishes they’d play with her more.

The best part is that Tori is already housebroken (has been for a couple months) and is crate trained too! This sweet girl would be a great addition to any family.