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Our Emergency Rescue Mission to Save 11 Lives

On the morning of December 13th, Hoof Woof Meow Animal Rescue loaded up a van with empty crates and made the journey down to a shelter in southern IL to give a second chance to dogs in a deplorable situation.

An awareness group called Howlin 4 Hope in Southern Illinois brought attention to an emergency rescue situation. A local shelter in southern IL had an operation as a shelter/sanctuary for several years and also acted as the counties unofficial Animal Control since the county does not have an official one. The owner had become in ill health and overwhelmed with continual dogs being dumped or dropped off. This left a great number of dogs in substandard conditions and in urgent need of evacuation.

Learning of this dire situation, Hoof Woof Meow Animal Rescue stepped up to help save these poor dogs. The movement to get these animals out of horrible conditions and into safe rescue environments was dubbed Project Howlin Angels. Hoof Woof Meow Animal Rescue along with many other rescue groups have been able to many of these dogs much need love, care, and safe havens.

Hoof Woof Meow Animal Rescue was able to rescue nine dogs from their tiny cages in southern Illinois on December 13th and went back a second time for two more dogs in need. Here is a little bit on each dog that was rescued. If you are interested in helping to give any of these lovely dogs a second chance at a new life please click here to fill out an online application for adoption.

Bear, now Olaf, is a gorgeous and gentile dog. When we rescued him he had been so neglected that he had accumulated dreadlock for fur and was super skinny for his size (still weighs in at 62lbs) however we will change that! So far he is great with kids and other dogs even giving out kisses. He is a total sweetheart and has a proud prance to his step. Although he has a love of cuddling, he is still working on trusting people again.

Princess and Skittles spent their days living in tiny pens filled with mud and forced to lay in their own waste. They were never allowed out, never feeling the sunshine on their backs or grass under their feet.

Nuelle is one of our saddest rescues. She was so scared she just hid in her tiny house and if we weren’t looking, we would have missed her. Although she is still getting used to noises and being away from her crate, she is making slow and steady progress to feel safe again. We are doing everything we can to make sure she knows she will never have to sleep outside on a bed of mud again!

Prancer was kennel mates with Nuelle but we didn’t have the room in our van to take her the first time. We couldn’t leave her behind. She stood at her fence as her friend was carried away, wondering why she couldn’t go too. Prancer had so much against her being ‘mature’, big, and black. We knew her chances of making out were slim. She is safe now and ready start her new life.

Old Man is really more middle aged then old but he is very wise and patient. He is just learning how to walk on a leash since he never got to go for walks before. His foster mom says he is one of the most kind and gentle souls she has ever met and considering what he has been through that is a big accomplishment.

Missy Blue spent the last year and a half in a pen waiting for her family to come back for her… they never did. During that time Missy wasn’t taken on walks or exercised and although it will take time for her to get back in shape, she loves to go for walks! She also love playing, riding shot gun in the car and sleeping in your bed, but be forewarned, she snores! After almost two years of neglect, she is afraid of being alone and is happiest sleeping on the couch with someone who cares.

Eskimo is working on feeling safe again. He is in better shape than most of the dogs rescued but is still not sure he is supposed to be out of the crate. It takes him awhile to come out but once he does he warms up to everyone. He’s is blossoming so well, very happy and wagging his tail all the time, but so content in his safe haven of a crate.

Lulu and Lucky were forced to lay on shredded papers meant to soak up their waste. Although they were caged right next to each other, they were never let out to play with together or stretch their legs. They were always waiting for someone to come for them, to let them out to play…no one ever did. Now rescued, both Lulu and Lucky hold no grudges and are happy dogs. Lulu actually smiles as you can see below! Lucky was so excited after being rescued, we were only able to get one slightly blurry photo because she just never stopped exploring. They’re now living in warm and clean foster homes where they can play all they want and are ready for their forever homes.

Remy had to be left behind the first trip but we did not forget about her. She is a sweet and gorgeous chocolate pit with a very sad past. We believe Remy was possibly destined to be a bait dog. Too good natured to fight, they filed her teeth down to the gums so she couldn’t defend herself. When we met her she was living in a pen filled with mud and feces, given no toys, no walks, and not much shelter. Remy life is changing! She got her first toy, loves car rides and walks, and slept in a bed for the first time in YEARS! Remy is very affectionate and loves to give kisses. Even with all the abuse and neglect she has suffered she does not have a mean bone in her body.

These eleven dogs now have a chance at a normal life but are not quite out of the woods yet. At least five of the dogs rescued are heartworm positive. We are asking for help to give these beautiful dogs the gift of health and hope. Please click here to donate if you can, no amount is too small. Each treatment will cost $300-$500. 100% of the money goes towards the animals and their treatment. There are still a couple of dogs that have not been tested yet so there may be more in need. We don’t give up on our dogs because they never give up on us. Please be a part of their new life…donate and save a life today!